Valentine's Gourmet@Home Date Box To Go

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Valentine's Gourmet@Home Date Box To Go


An intimate gourmet dinner & date box for two, ready to enjoy in the comfort and romance of your home.  For full menu and details, click on the "Valentines" tab.

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Question & Answers

Q.  Can this be done Gluten Free?

A.  YES!  We designed this entire menu (including dressing, desserts, wine and prosecco) to be gluten free!

Q.  How long does it take to heat and serve

A.  Approx 20 mins (time for a glass of wine!)

Q.  Can I do this at the beach with a fire pit/backyard on a BBQ?

A.  It's been done!  I think the planning and temperatures are harder to control, but if you are a grill master... then you can absolutely do this.  Two years ago, one of our guests proposed at the beach with Brü for Two!

Q.  Are we doing the photo contest this year?

A.  Yes!  So much fun.  Instructions are included in your pack on how to snap a pic, tag us and enter!

Q.  Is Tax and Tip Included in the Price?

A.  This package price is incredible (try to do this on your own at the grocery store, ha!).... no tips are accepted on Bru for Two so don't worry about that (and put that 20% back in your pocket).... unfortunately, Uncle Sam still wants his sales tax.  Sales tax is added at checkout.

Q.  If you fill a swimming pool with dry ice and it melts before you jump in, do you still get wet?

A.  Ya, we have no idea!  Ha!

This is going to be a fantastic Valentine's day....think through a table setup/flowers/maybe a movie/whatever you like to make the day special for you two.  Have fun!